WhatsApp groups – what are you waiting for?

Is your team working in different offices or from home? If yes, are you using a WhatsApp group as another great way of quick communication?

If you’re not – then you should be.

In the busy world of communications/PR it’s crucial you keep in touch with your team to make sure you have all bases covered.

I think it’s safe to say our email inboxes are often bursting at the seams.

I’ve found WhatsApp team groups to be invaluable.

When I was working for a busy NHS Trust, the WhatsApp group for the comms and engagement team was pivotal to our day-to-day smooth running.

We were often working across four hospital sites or working from home so a WhatsApp group meant we could quickly keep in touch without clogging up inboxes.

Our C&E WhatsApp group paid dividends in times of crisis – which I have to say seemed to happen every week!

We were able to quickly share not only key messages with updates but also images, videos, web links and much more to the whole team.

This was particularly useful during the cyber-attack which hit the NHS in a massive way earlier this year.

My team were right in the thick of it.

All of our IT systems went down and our (working) phones were ringing off the hook.

No email, limited telephones and no access to records.

We had to go old school – pen and paper and finding a photocopier not linked to the network.

We used everything we had at our disposal.

To make sure key updates from the various gold and silver command meetings were properly communicated and new updates were promoted across social media we shared updates to each other via our WhatsApp group.

We posted key messages for staff in a closed Facebook group via our personal mobiles as the Trust phones were disabled. We walked the length and breadth of our hospitals to keep staff in the loop. Patients and the public were kept informed with posts on our social media channels.

Local and national media were all over it and I lost count of the calls from journalists asking for statements via email. We had no IT, so they were directed to our Facebook page.

We shared video interviews with updates which had thousands of views and we answered thousands of messages and queries on Facebook and Twitter.

If one of us was struggling to juggle work outside of office hours with mummy duties, or if we had limited 4G and needed an update posted on social media, we were able to ask for help via the WhatsApp Group.

Over the few days the cyber-attack hit, the WhatsApp group provided us a platform to keep in touch, share key updates, say thank you to each other and share our post-cyber-attack treats (very large glasses of wine)!

It really was our saviour.

So if your team doesn’t have a WhatsApp group – what are you waiting for?


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