Spark Videos – an easy way to get your message across

A picture paints a thousand words imagine the possibility of a video – is something I say quite a lot when I’m at work.

Video marketing is taking the digital world by storm.

Online videos are quickly becoming one of the largest and most effective tools for displaying information and content which is both engaging and entertaining.

I recently discovered Spark Video which is a great website where you can put together videos simply and easily without even having to leave your desk to film anything.

Spark Video allows you to combine images, video clips and icons into engaging video.

You can choose different themes, free music and free images or you can record your own voice and even add your own music, video clips and images.

I’ve used the free version but the features you get are good. I’ve found it really straightforward, simple and best of all quick!

Every step of the way there’s easy to follow instructions which guide you. There’s even video tutorials to steer you in the right direction.

Here’s a Spark Video I created last week to share tips on how to prepare your home for winter:

You can pick how long each frame is on screen for in seconds and you can easily move frames around to change the order.

You can also add infographics as an image within your video. Here’s a previous blog which includes 5 free websites to create an infographic.

I’ve also produced Spark Videos to advertise upcoming events, particular courses and an explanation/introduction of what the organisation I work for does.

I’ve uploaded the videos easily onto our YouTube channel and shared on Facebook and Twitter.

These videos have performed well with good levels of engagement and crucially they work both with or without sound on.

Remember, a lot of people are watching videos without any sound.

Go on and give it a go for yourself, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

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