10 steps to create a Doodle Poll for scheduling a meeting

Scheduling a meeting or an event should be a straightforward task but it can often be quite a chore to try to work out everyone’s availability. Creating a Doodle Poll helps to take some of that stress away.

What is Doodle Poll?

Doodle Poll is an online poll you can use to set up a meeting or an event with multiple people.

It offers a wide selection of online solutions to help simplify the process of scheduling appointments – ranging from the group event “poll” that doesn’t require registration, to the professional appearance with own branding.

You can create a free account or set up a private account for professionals; or a business account for teams.

It’s really easy to use as both an administrator and a participant.

We use them a fair bit at work to schedule meetings but also work socials like the Christmas party (which seems like a distant memory now).

Here’s an example:

Doodle poll
An example of a Doodle Poll in action

How do you set up a Doodle Poll?

  1. Go to Doodle Poll
  2. Click on Schedule an Event
  3. Fill in the Title and Location of the meeting
  4. Fill in your name and email address (the one that the doodle link will be mailed to)
  5. Click on next
  6. Highlight possible dates for the meeting and click on next.
  7. Fill in the possible times for the meetings and click on next.
  8. Under Basic Poll click on next.
  9. Under You Send the Invitation click on finish.
  10. You’ll be sent two emails from Doodle – one to forward on to participants so they can fill in the poll, and one to administer the poll so you can delete it when you are done.

And that’s it.

It really helps to cut down on all the email traffic too leaving you more time to do the fun creative stuff like creating infographics or videos.

Have you got any time-saving tips to share? Let me know in the comments below.

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