Guest Post From Rachael Stray: 10 Tips For New Journalists

I wrote a guest post for Kate Jones with my 10 top tips for budding journalists.

Kate Jones

Hi blog readers!

I’m so excited about introducing this second guest post from my call-out for them to my blog! If you’ve been on this little website before, you’ll know that I often post about the media industry (I work as an editorial assistant myself if you don’t know!). Therefore, I’m delighted that Rachael, who I’ve enjoyed reading a piece about journalism from before, offered to write a guest post about the industry! You can read her blog at and I highly recommend it – it offers lifestyle posts as well as posts about working in the PR industry, in which Rachael currently works. This is a great read – apart from offering some top tips that are particularly relevant to news journalists, Rachael also includes personal experiences encountered while working in news journalism. Here it is!

1. Keep up to date
Keep up to date with news and changes. Read newspapers, get…

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