Sudocrem is a beauty saviour

Sudocrem is so much more than just a nappy rash cream it is a genuine beauty saviour – no really, honestly it is!

Sudocrem can actually be used on anything from cuts and minor burns to skin conditions and even as a face mask for problem skin.

I am a big fan of Sudocrem and I always have a pot or a little tube handy.

I think Steve has lost count of the amount of times I’ve said “Sudocrem is the answer” or “Just pop some Sudocrem on!”.

Ways to use Sudocrem

Zap your angry spots and red areas



Whenever a spot dares to rear it’s ugly head Sudocrem is absolutely the answer. I make sure my face is makeup free and apply just a small amount of Sudocrem on the offending area.
A little really does go a long way. I also use it on red areas of my skin too.
Sudocrem does an amazing job of shrinking and taking the redness out of spots and blemishes, in a skin friendly way.
It does take a wee while to dry into your skin so I do apply it to my skin a good half an hour or so before I go to bed to allow it time to absorb before it transfers.

Sudocrem facemask

Me having a Sudocrem facemask

Me having a Sudocrem facemask

A Sudocrem facemask is quite literally just Sudocrem applied liberally to your whole face and then left to sit on the surface of your skin for a good, long while, even overnight.

I wouldn’t recommend doing it more often than once a week but when I do it I really do notice a good difference with my skin.

It also creates a nice barrier and won’t be rinsed away with mere warm water.

Reduce acne scarring

The cream helps to dry up oily skin as well as lightening the skin under your eyes.

If you gently massage the cream into your skin it can also help with acne scars.

Soothe sunburn

Me with sunburn

Me with sunburn

As soon as the sun comes out most of us end up underestimating what factor sun cream we need and unfortunately end up burnt.

This happened to me a couple of weeks ago and thankfully I had a small tube of Sudocrem in my makeup bag.

I used aftersun immediately after my evening shower and then before bed I applied Sudocrem wherever I was red.

Sudocrem is a lot thicker than normal moisturiser which means it won’t soak into your skin straight away and will leave it feeling soothed and hydrated.

It was absolute bliss for my sun scorched skin!

Care for your cuticles



Many people tend to forget about their cuticles when pampering their hands.

Healthy looking cuticles can really improve the overall look of your nails and hands.

So next time you’re giving yourself a manicure, rub some Sudocrem into your nail bed and cuticles, it will moisturise the area and leave your hands looking lovely!

Take the sting out of insect bites

Insect bite

Insect bite

Sudocrem also contains a mild antiseptic which should help with those pesky insect stings.

Next time you go away on holiday pack a tub in your case and let it work its magic!

Prevent hair dye stains

Dying hair

Dying hair

If you’ve ever dyed your hair at home, you will know just how annoying it is when you end up with dye stains all over your forehead, ears and down your neck.

A common trick is to rub some Vaseline over any exposed skin, but you can also use Sudocrem which works in the same way.

I usually use Vaseline but when I’ve not had any to hand Sudocrem has worked really well.

Stops chafing

Shorts in the summer

Shorts in the summer

It’s lovely to finally shed those layers and get your summer wardrobe out – shorts, skirts and dresses with bare legs can leave you with an uncomfortable rash between your thighs due to the annoying problem of chafing!

Sudocrem is not only great for preventing chafing but if the problem has already happened, the cream can help to soothe the area and stop it from getting any worse!

Pacify plucked eyebrows

Eyebrow plucking

Eyebrow plucking

Plucking your eyebrows can be a real pain leaving you with tender and red irrated skin.


Simply spread a thin layer of Sudocrem over the sore area and it should soothe it straight away.

This also works a treat on areas of skin that have just been shaved and are feeling a little sore and sensitive.

Helps with cuts and grazes

If you’re a little on the clumsy side and end up with cuts and bruises quite often, then Sudocrem can be a real lifesaver!

It’ll stop the burning feeling in your skin when you have a graze and it’ll moisturise your skin around the cut and will stop any infection entering through the open cut

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What are your favourite uses for Sudocrem? Have I missed any?

What would your beauty saviours be?

Let me know in the comments below.

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